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    GreyHawk Reboot

    Post  Floyd A Grecko on Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:41 am

    As Requested:

    In regards to my Greyhawk reboot: I am requesting that list any NPC you would like to see in the game. They can be PC’s or NPC’s you controlled, or PC’s or NPC’s someone else controlled. If they were someone Else’s characters, please note whose character it was. If this was a character you controlled, I will needs some information about the characters:

    -Personality and politics
    -Class, levels, other special features
    -Goals (achieved or otherwise)
    -Eventual Outcome: Where would the character settle down to, how would they spend their post-adventuring life. I will need two outcomes.
    cyclops -A mundane lifestyle, living in the prime plane, carrying out an normal job, or retirement.
    cyclops -A Divine or Supernatural existence, other planer outcome, possibly representing a supernatural force, or a god, or perhaps having become a demi-god themselves.

    Please send all entries to the e-mail address above. Enter often as you like, but try to save emails by sending multiple characters on a single email. Questions can also be directed here as well.

    Like wise: the desired characters could be deposited here.

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