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    Part of an idea.


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    Part of an idea.

    Post  admin on Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:10 pm

    So i have been reading Patric O'Brian's books and there is a scene in which The main character, Jack, gets mugged.

    Excerpt follows;

    'Your money or your life,' said a voice very close at hand.
    'What? What? What did you say?'
    The man stepped from behind the trees, the rain glinting on his weapon. 'I said, "Your money or your life," ' he said, and coughed.
    Instantly the cloak in his face. Jack had him by the shirt, worrying him, shaking him with terrible vehemence, jerking him high off the ground. The shirt gave way: he stood staggering, his arms out. Jack hit him with a great left handed blow on the ear and kicked his legs from under him as he fell.
    He snatched up the cudgel and stood over him, breathing hard and waving his left hand - knuckles split; a damned unhandy blow - it had been like hitting a tree.

    To be continued... and yes this has a point... hopefully.

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