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    Hey Hon'

    Angel Face

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    Hey Hon'

    Post  Angel Face on Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:05 pm

    Hey Maxim I need a favor, I need to determine if this chick has any problems in her life any dirt i can use against her or if maybe her marriage is not so good. Thanks sweety get back to we with how tough it was and we will work something else.

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    Re: Hey Hon'

    Post  Maxim on Sat Nov 13, 2010 6:36 pm

    Извини, дорогой (Izvini, dorogoĭ; Sorry, dear), she looks pretty clean to me. Near as I can tell she's on her way to being a sweet old lady, so don't be mean to her, she doesn't deserve it! Smile I'm attaching the work files from her 'link, maybe you'll find something useful there.


    SIN #I17837290BT33451
    Name: Jale Tabak
    DOB: 10, Ocak(January), 2039
    Nationality: Turkish
    Gender: Female
    Metatype: Human
    Languages: Turkish, Mandarin, Russian
    Known Aliases: None
    Stock Image (with date/Location): Şubat(February) 15, 2070 Istanbul Department of Metahuman Registration

    Address: Resneli Sk
    Constantinople, Constantinople
    0212 519 1248
    Awakened/Emerged: No
    Prominent Features: Slight limp on left side.
    Known Augmentations: None
    Habits/Quirks: Affinity for ud music, whole & organic foods.
    Primary Interests: Weddings, traditional fashions, Istanbul musicians,
    Affiliations: Macide's Bakery, Rite-way Catering Service
    Known Associates: Vadim Tabak (Husband), Ezgi Tabak(Daughter), Rushd Tabak (Son), Dünya Tabak(Son), Babar Yilmaz (Brother), Kerim Yilmaz (Father), Gül Yilmaz (mother), Ezgi Kurt (Friend)
    Whereabouts: Istanbul, Palas district
    Comcode: #LOP009w8q66

    From Istanbul Informer article Shabaz Wedding Goes Off Without a Hitch:

    "...couldn't have done it without our wedding planner, Jale. She's the absolute best in all of Turkey, I have no doubts about it! She and her husband are an amazing team, and I truly can't thank them enough."

    Attached Files:
    The files indicate that the Zaranj/Demir wedding is to be a mixture of modern and traditional practices. The groom will be wearing a classic tuxedo, the bride will be dressed in the traditional red dress. Following the noon prayer on Friday, the bride will celebrate with her female family and friends on into night where she will have traditional henna tattoos applied, while the groom celebrates with the remaining guests. On Saturday, the groom's Mother, sisters, and close female cousins will fetch the bride, and bring her to the park grounds. The day is reserved primarily for food, dancing, and prayer. The festivities start back up after the noon prayer on Sunday. The bride and groom will be separated to their respective dressing areas (Two large tents on either side of the plaza - yellow for the bride, black for the groom) to reflect on their vows, and make final preparations. Between 4:00pm and 4:30pm the Hodja(minister/preacher) is scheduled to visit the two tents, and at 5:00pm he will start the ceremony. The files make mention of security forces, but do not explicitly state their numbers or locations.

    (As always, if you have any questions, post 'em.)

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