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    Faces of Istanbul


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    Faces of Istanbul

    Post  mbeefy on Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:51 pm

    Baron Havoc

    Dr. Harold Kavorkian - Human Street doc. After losing his medical license in India over a scandal involving plastic surgery on a show dog, the doctor made the move to Istanbul to practice his trade on the denizens of the shadows.

    Johnny Gamble - Human Fixer. A Seattle native of Navajo decent, Gamble followed business interests to the Middle East. When business dried up, he moved his shop to Istanbul hoping to make a fortune on Turkey's civil war through good old fashioned profiteering.


    Mehmet Kaplan - Troll Fixer. Mehmet was born in Turkey to African Parents. He is now owner and operator of Mehmet's Discount Goods & Services. As former Shadowrunner of some renown, Mehmet is known throughout the region. He recently retired to a life of quiet crime after losing his second arm. More machine now than man, he runs his business through a combination of intimidation, underhanded tactics, and shrewd business.

    Tabari Ozan - Human Nightclub Owner. Istanbul native Tabari Orzan grew up in Taraf, a poor district in the northern part of the city. Avoiding the life of crime common to his friends and neighbors, Tabari drew his inspiration from the nearby club scene. He educated himself about business, music, and local culture and his club has become a staple of the Istanbul nightlife.

    Yen - Dwarf Mr. Johnson. Yen is a recent import to the city, and has not yet found a permanent place in the shadows. Though he has some natural talent, he runs the risk of getting lost in the shuffle if he does not find a niche, and soon.

    Angel Face
    Zafer "The Lion" Aslan - Ork Vice Cop. If there's one thing the Lion is known for it's his bad attitude. If there's a second, it's his loyalty. After being injured in the Turkish civil war, Zafer took his discharge papers along with his wife to Istanbul where his family lived. He joined the city's vice squad with the same high hopes that originally made him join the army, but has since become dejected by the enormity of the problem.

    Andes - Human Black Market Supplier. Born in the Ecuadorian Andes, REDACTED was introduced to the shadows early in life. It is unknown why he chose to leave his homeland, but he has since become very successful dealing illicit goods throughout Turkey. He currently resides in Istanbul where he conducts business in the Grand Bazaar.

    Maxim - Elf ID Forger/Hacker. A Russian native displaced by the Euro Wars, Maxim settled in what is now known as Little Samara. She used her computer savvy to secure a life for herself and her family. After falling victim to the events of the Crash 2.0, Maxim was comatose until early last year. She awoke to find her wife had taken everything and abandoned her to her fate. She has not taken her second chance at life for granted, and though

    Ulvi Turan - Dwarf Nightclub Owner. Once on the fast track to an easy life of corporate citizenship, this charismatic dwarf partied his way out of college. He claims it's the best mistake he's ever made. Ulvi's club in Beyoglu is one of the few in the district that serves alcohol, which brings around all the wageslaves looking to escape their job, and keeps him deep in Corp rumors.

    Nazmi Ganim - Elf Sufi Cleric. As a leading authority in Sufi mysticism, Nazmi has brought new understanding to the way Muslim peoples view magic. He is currently a professor at Istanbul's New Islamic University where he gives lectures to young aspirants on all things from Magic Theory to Astral Phenomenon.

    Lufti Reis - Human Whirling Dervish Initiate. Lufti was born in Ferah, a Shiite/Sunni warzone on the eastern side of the Bosporus, and known AoA (Alliance of Allah) hotspot. When her parents were killed during a Shiite/Sunni conflict, she became a ward of the state. After she began showing magical talent around the age of 9, she was accepted for a scholarship and entered into the NIU's young learners program. From there she joined the Whirling Dervishes. Though at present time her skills are more learned than they are practiced, it is believed that she has a promising career ahead of her.

    Kid Siam - Human Armorer. With a mind like Thailand native and mega-genius Kid Siam, any normal person would take over the world. Luckily for the rest of us he only wants to build his toys. He currently lives and works in Istanbul, where he takes contracts from the various megacorps in the city. He has been kidnapped for his talents by corps around the world no less than 10 times, but as of yet no compound has been able to hold him.

    Madame Wu - Human Information Broker. Born in a male dominated society, Madame Wu learned at an early age that no man would give her respect, and decided she would instead have to take it. She modeled herself after the Greek Heteara, and began a strict program of self education. Through a war fought with sexuality and cunning she has established herself as a person of influence to many important players throughout the region.

    August Klein - Human Mr. Johnson. Herr August Klein is an employee of the Saeder-Krupp Corporation.

    Ms. Johnson - Human Mr. Johnson. Ms. Johnson is an employee of the Ares Corporation.

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