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    Are you interested in playing Shadowrun?

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    John Calhoun

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    Post  John Calhoun on Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:48 am

    Frank mentioned taking a break from running after the horror game, and Steve mentioned having never played Shadowrun. So I was thinking if there was enough interest I'd be willing to run Shadowrun.

    A taste of the setting:

    Jewel of the Bosporus, Byzantium, Constantinople, seat of empires and faiths since the beginning of recorded time; Istanbul is a city torn between Europe and Asia, divided by history, geography, religion, and politics. I’m using “Istanbul” because nobody but die-hard separatists and government officials use “Constantinople” anymore—it’s vanishing from common usage with every bomb that goes off in the city.

    Straddling the Bosporus, Istanbul is on the firing line of the intrigues and dominance games of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. For millennia, this city provided a meeting ground where East and West, Christianity and Islam, secular power and faith could mingle, interbreed, and cyclically clash—but now it has fallen into more regular conflict. As one would expect from the city that brought us the word Byzantine, interests collide and intrigues spin as corporations, countries, and fanatics vie for control and influence over the city of a thousand mosques and churches. City life regularly skips a beat at the sound of nearby detonations, the sprawling streets and waterways carrying violent echoes and the smell of cordite and distant smoke. War has become Istanbul’s livelihood, as unstable governments rise and nations crumble. The troubles in Turkey and the perpetual instability of the Balkans have transformed the city into a mercenary hotspot. It might be dangerous ground these days, but it’s the place to find work in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

    Other points of interest:

    I'd like people to create characters as standard out of the book (400bp). In theory I'm open to different types of Metahumans (Oni, Minotaurs, etc) and to a certain extent different races (faeries might be okay, but not sasquatch). I'd also be alright with changelings, (which in shadowrun are animal-people not the fair folk) as long as it wasn't too outlandish. I'd like people to start with "standard" equipment so I'm disallowing the Restricted Gear positive quality (I believe that's the name, can't find it). Other than that, with good story I'm pretty open to other things.

    If there are any questions/comments/feedback/criticisms/racial slurs I'd be happy to answer/respond/accept.
    John Calhoun

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    Re: Shadowrun

    Post  John Calhoun on Sun Sep 19, 2010 8:42 pm

    Wow. Well, unless people were voting with multiple accounts(which has to be the case since I've got as many votes as we have players, and neither crystal or ronnie have logged in today.) it would seem that there is an interest. So, I'll start working on some missions. I'm pretty much perpetually available if people have questions about anything. Moving forward, it'd be great to get an actual headcount so I'll know what I'm dealing with.
    Calliope Vitale

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    Re: Shadowrun

    Post  Calliope Vitale on Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:53 pm

    (09:55:58 PM) ThorsSmith: so what is this shadowrun thing? its in istambul?

    (09:56:29 PM) Raistlin Rahl: Yessir. Istanbul, not Constantinople.
    (09:57:00 PM) Raistlin Rahl: Though it actually is Constantinople, no one calls it that except extremists.

    (09:57:35 PM) ThorsSmith: So what is the feel? Why Istambul, what makes it different than seatlle other than language? Did the christians retake the city?

    (10:01:39 PM) Raistlin Rahl: in the '40s a civil war broke out in Turkey, during which Istanbul declared itself an independent commonwealth, and succeeded from the country (changing its name back to Constantinople in the process). The civil war has continued for 30 years, with Istanbul in the middle playing the... person who sells arms to both sides of a war. I know there's an actual word for it but I can't remember what it is.

    (10:02:42 PM) ThorsSmith: intermideary? so its a war torn city, or a bastion of venture capitalist in a war torn land?

    (10:08:13 PM) Raistlin Rahl: Both. The city is frequently the target of separatist attacks, terrorist bombings, and even the occasional sea to land bombardment. That aside, it has become a jumping off point for shadowrunning and corporate espionage throughout the middle east and Asia. Part of the reason for this is the large corp presence in the city, and their usual jabs at one another. The other major factor is the Grand Bazaar which is an open market in the city, whose charter allows them autonomy. The Bazaar is a self policed organization, and they have relatively lax regulations. Their only real rule is that no corp may sell products directly inside the Bazaar.

    (10:09:12 PM) ThorsSmith: So the bazaar is for deals the transactions must take place elsewhere?

    (10:10:17 PM) Raistlin Rahl: That's what it has become, but it's not in the spirit of the charter.

    (10:10:57 PM) ThorsSmith: then im not sure taht i understand, its an open market that does not sell anything?

    (10:11:39 PM) Raistlin Rahl: Corps may not sell in the market. Anyone else may, and does.

    (10:11:49 PM) ThorsSmith: ah, ok i get it
    (10:12:40 PM) ThorsSmith: so are there still religious hostilities in the area or are the people fighting over resourses like good humans?

    (10:19:20 PM) Raistlin Rahl: There are still religious squabbles. The city is home to the New Islamic university, which is a Sufi organization (kind of like muslim qabalists). They embrace Islamic magical traditions, and promote a more open outlook towards other magical traditions. Naturally, this gets under the skin of other Islamic branches, and breeds contempt which sometimes leads to violence. Outside of the city there is also a settlement of human-centered religious groups who are corp expatriates. They're like the Amish of the 2070's. They are against magic, and a lot of tech (though they still use some). Though the different neighborhoods in the settlement are affiliated with different religions. There's a jewish neighborhood, an islamic neighborhood, etc.

    (10:20:16 PM) ThorsSmith: So who is in charge?

    (10:21:41 PM) Raistlin Rahl: I don't remember the name of the governing body of the city, I need to look that up.

    (10:22:36 PM) ThorsSmith: but is it independent, democratic, religious, dictator, corporate?

    (10:24:58 PM) Raistlin Rahl: It's a 5 person bureaucratic counsel, with each counselor democratically elected. So, it's a representative democracy.

    (10:25:21 PM) ThorsSmith: Wow.
    (10:26:39 PM) ThorsSmith: Well its a representative democratic oligarchy, with only 5 people... what kind of characters are you looking for?

    (10:29:16 PM) Raistlin Rahl: Team players, naturally. Enterprising, I think would be a good word. Like... have goals and want to accomplish them. Be John Chrichtons.

    (10:35:12 PM) ThorsSmith: do we need to be ruthless? what level of morality?

    (10:39:16 PM) Raistlin Rahl: I'd rather stay away from people who want to mutilate bodies for the fun of it (taking trophies might be okay, hell, even ritual sacrifice might be okay. Just as long as you're doing it with a point, not just to dick around with the dead guy's body) And I'd like to stay away from characters too dumb to think on their feet.

    (10:41:51 PM) ThorsSmith: I can imagine the future af america, i would have a tough time creating a native turkish person in the modern age. Any suggestions on a place to get inspiration or character ideas?

    (10:46:42 PM) Raistlin Rahl: I'll also point out there's a huge asian community on the shore opposite where most of the city's workforce comes from. So being native to the region you could easily be of chinese, vietnamese, or russian descent (depending on your metatype you might even be from one of the aforementioned countries when they orginally settled here). The best place I'd say to start is to read the cannon on Istanbul in the Runner Havens book. I've expanded on it, but I don't think I've changed anything in there.

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    Re: Shadowrun

    Post  admin on Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:33 am

    Glad our conversation was usable to help others out. I would love to hear from others their questions and ideas. Im looking forward to a different style of game and play, we have not done an episodic game in a long time, nor have we been "bad-guys".
    John Calhoun

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    Re: Shadowrun

    Post  John Calhoun on Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:20 am

    The 7 districts and their neighborhoods (and some things you'll find in said neighborhoods):

    Seader-Krupp (High/Middle)(German)
    Franz Josef Popp Housing Superstructure
    SKPF-I 1-4 (Saeder-Krupp Production Facility at Istanbul, buildings 1-4)

    Ares Macrotechnology:(High/Middle)(English)
    The A.M.I.A.B.L.E. Tower - The Ares Macrotechnology Industrial Aerospace, Broadcast Services, and Law Enforcement Tower

    Tawa Takamagara (Tower of Heaven)
    Tawa Sora (Tower of the Sky)
    Tawa Daichi (Tower of Earth)
    Tawa Kokunai (Tower of Home)

    Zeta-ImpChem (High/Middle)
    Global Sandstorm (High/Middle)
    The Janissary's Bazaar(Middle/Low/Street)

    Mevlevi Monastery (Street/Squatter)
    Whirling Dervishes
    New Islamic University (Middle/Low)
    Ukraine BioEnergetica (High/Middle)

    The Grand Bazaar(High/Middle/Low/Squatter/Street)
    Tokepi Palace(High)
    Old Harem Complex (High/Middle)
    The Book Bazaar (Middle/Low)
    Embassy Row(High)
    Ocean Park (Low/Squatter/Street)

    Little Hong Kong(Middle/Low/Street)
    Little Hanoi(Low/Street)
    The Spice Market(Every Other Week)
    Little Samara(Middle/Low/Squatter/Street)

    Yuksal Adam
    Treasure Town(Middle)
    The Spice Market(Every Other Week)
    The Deadzone(DMZ)

    The Kingdom of Heaven
    The Commiserate of Our Lord Jesus Christ(German/English)(Low)
    The Solemnity of the Absolute Being(Hebrew)(Low)
    Those Who Bring the Righteous and Glorious Truth(Arabic)(low)
    John Calhoun

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    Re: Shadowrun

    Post  John Calhoun on Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:44 am

    Alright, I have read, studied, and come to an understanding with the matrix section of the SR4 main book. With that in mind, I'd like to say that I believe I have a firm enough grip on the system in order to run any matrix situations that may creep up. So, should anyone desire to play a hacker, technomancer, rigger, or combination of the three don't shy away from it.

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    Re: Shadowrun

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